Saturday, November 5, 2011

NETs meeting 2nd November 2011

Present: Lynne Johnson, Rosina Wainwright, Valerie Kirk, Nancy Tingey, Wendy Dodd, Monique van Nieuwland, Catherine Dabron, Marli Popple, Gabriella Hegyes, Helen Martin.


The role of the group:
1          2 future exhibitions
2          It is a networking group which may not always have as its subject nets.
3          What will happen to our relationship with the two overseas groups who were originally involved?

Rosina is looking for a female model, please contact her if you know someone who may be interested.

1 We currently have three blog sites.  It was decided that Valerie will contact Belinda Jessup to decide on a site and put a message on the two sites we are not using directing people to the site in use.  Belinda will also be asked if she would mind training the people having trouble posting on the site.
2. Valerie then gave a review of the symposium (which turned out to be a non-event) in Finland using the slides she had taken.

3. Review of Casting the Net:

Finances to be sorted out in the next few days– is there enough money to cover the catalogues?
Refreshments for the opening: Rosina said there weren’t enough glasses which meant her husband spent the evening washing them.  Rosina recommended the following three things for any future exhibition.

            1 Someone needs to stay beside the food
            2 Someone needs to be designated to wash up
            3 Someone needs to be designated to assist the VIPs

Everyone agreed Chris Bourke had done an excellent job of opening the exhibition and had obviously done a lot of preparation.  We will send him a thank you card.
Thanks were given to Gabriella, Nancy and Paula for all their work for the exhibition.
Everyone agreed the hanging looked great.
Did anyone see anything in the newspapers on the exhibition?
Nancy will speak to Leah about compensation for the disruption caused by the renovations during the exhibition.
Watson was suggested as another good exhibition space.

4. Janet de Boer has suggested we might have an exhibition at the Geelong Forum next year.  This would be a joint exhibition with Angie Wyman’s group from Cumbria University as Angie will probably be teaching a class at the Geelong Forum.
            The two exhibition spaces at Geelong were discussed and it was thought that the top space was better.  Lynne has some images of the space which might help our decision.
            Valerie will liaise with Janet and Angie.
            We will need to decide on the exhibition name and costs, how to get the items there.  Dates? 23rd to 29th September 2012.
            It was considered that this is an excellent opportunity for our work to be seen more widely as the forum open day also attracts visitors from Geelong and Melbourne.
5. We have been approached by the Belconnen Arts Centre to exhibit from17th August to 2nd September.
            It was suggested that it should be new work so the items from the BAC exhibition could then go the Geelong as the dates are so close together.

            We need to set the dates for meetings next year – the first will be on Saturday 18th February at Belconnen Arts Centre.  Gabriella will contact Jackie at BAC for a preliminary meeting to see whether the cost will be the same as this year’s schedule and sound Jackie out to see whether she would curate the exhibition.
            Valerie suggested we might be able to tour this exhibition in which case we would need to apply for funding.
            Gabriella has applied for a residency at Strathnairn in 2013 and we could have an exhibition there at the same time.

6. Balba has suggested she could take a billum tour of New Guinea.  It would be in September next year at the time of the Goroka Show.  This may clash with our exhibitions.  Nancy will keep in touch with Balba and send out information to the Basket Makers.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Spiders in Pakistan

"The spiders went crazy after the flooding in Pakistan. Quite surreal"
This image and quote from  Aly de Groot,  

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nets Exhibition at Strathnairn Gallery

Anita McIntyre and Dr Christopher Bourke

Anita McIntyre and Dr Christopher Bourke

Dr Christopher Bourke and Nancy Tingey

Dr Christopher Bourke, Gabriella  and Nancy Tingey


Nets exhibition ANU Foyer Gallery

Images from Top
Images 1-6 Wendy Dodd
Images 7-9 Bev Thomas
Images 10- 14 Nancy Tingey
Images 15-20 Helen Martin
Images 21-24 Mog Bremner

Monday, August 15, 2011

Vol 3 (2011) Sustainability in Craft and Design

The Craft Australia Research Centre announces the publication of the third volume of craft + design enquiry, its open access, peer-reviewed, online journal, interrogating discourses surrounding craft and design practice.

Edited by Dr Kevin Murray, Sustainability in Craft and Design explores how craft and design responds to the challenge of global warming by facilitating social change.  The six papers published in this issue by Rod Bamford, Matthew Kiem, Peter Hughes, Mary Loveday Edwards, Sharmila Wood, Emilia Ferraro, Rehema White, Eoin Cox , Jan Bebbington and  Sandra Wilson examine issues of sustainability in relation to aspects of craft and design practice in Australia, the United Kingdom and India

Volume 3 online

craft + design enquiry
Call for Papers Volume 5: website

Image: Simone Le Amon,  Lepidoptera chair 2008, stainless steel, polyurethane, polyester, 110 x 85 x 70 cm  Collection of the artist, Melbourne  © Simone Le Amon

Networks Meeting 13 August 2011

Village Hall Strathnairn, 10am till 12 noon

Lynne, Ola, Marli, Nancy, Mog, Barbara and Helen met to talk about Nets then all except Barbara and Helen adjourned for a convivial lunch at the Homestead.

Work for the Casting the Net exhibition by Mog and Barbara was stored in Nancy’s Strathnairn studio.

Discussion centred about textile seminars, sources of inspiration and how the Nets project evolved.

Lynne offered to take over the job of distributing the Nets photographs taken in Sharon’s studio last year by copying images onto separate CDs for each artist. The photography copyright name is Leise Knowles.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nets Exhibition at Barometer Gallery 30 July to 14th August 2011

Barometer Gallery website

Exhibition meeting at Strathnairn 13th August 2011

The final meeting before our Casting the Net exhibition will be held at Strathnairn on Saturday 13th August from 10 til 12. Afterwards anyone who would like to, can join us for lunch at the Strathnairn Homestead Cafe.

There are a few final details (such as the roster for minding the exhibition) and some finished work to be presented, so we hope you will come along.

Casting the Net Exhibition Planning Meeting at the Village Hall, Strathnairn, Saturday 16 July 2011

16 networkers turned up with their work to compare notes and discuss plans for the exhibition - Wendy, Rosina, Ola, Valerie, Bev Thomas and Bev Moxon, Katherine White, Maryann, Lynne, Sharon, Barbara, Marli, Jenny, Belinda, Gabriella and Nancy.

Liz Jeneid also sent in her exhibition piece. Gabriella will contact the other members of the group who for one reason or another couldn't be at the meeting to find out what they have in mind to be included*.

It was wonderful to see so much new and exciting work. This bodes well for Casting the Net to make a strong statement.

Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm and commitment. 

Most networkers have paid the exhibition fee of $30, thank you. This will cover the hire of the galleries $240 and some catalogue printing costs and incidentals.

Jenny Manning has agreed to write a short catalogue essay which could also be used for publicity. For this she will need everyone's artist statement so please get these to Gabriella as soon as possible. 

Gabriella will do the labels (Maryann to help?) also the art work and the cover for the catalogue. She plans a page about each artist so please make sure you have all catalogue details (see below), including statements, in by the deadline, Sunday 7 August. Email to Gabriella ( I am not putting her email on the blog as it is open access and she will be spammed with Junk) Email my self of Nancy if you don't have Gabriella's email.

Artist name:
Title of work:
Size: height x width x depth in cm
Artist statement: max 250 words
Own art practice statement; max 250 words
Contact details - mobile/email/website for enquiries about your work from the public
Images of work - high resolution (up to 2 MG) I detail and I overall
Price or NFS
Please note that there is a 20 per cent commission payable to Strathnairn Association. And there is no insurance cover.

There will also be a folder with plastic sleeves available for you to add extra information in the gallery space.

Please also note that we are only doing an electronic invitation. This will be distributed two weeks before the Opening by Strathnairn and media links. We'll also ask The Mutton Family to send it on their textile network.

Nancy will receive work in the Strathnairn Homestead Gallery on Monday 22 August 2-4 pm. Please note that you will be asked to help fill in a roster for minding the exhibition. As there will be 18 sessions of 3 hrs each you will probably only have to sign for one slot.

The opening times will be 10-4.30 Friday Saturday Sunday from 26 August until 11 September. Please collect your work or arrange for others to do it on your behalf on the last day between 4 and 4.30. As Nancy will be overseas by then we need a volunteer to supervise the dismantling process. Any offers?

Casting the Net Opening 4pm Saturday 27 August
The Opener will be Dr Chris Bourke MLA Member for Ginnindera. He will be introduced by Anita McIntyre, President of Strathnairn Arts Association. Rosina will be coordinating catering for the Opening. Please note that everyone is asked to contribute food and drink to this event.

NB The 16 July meeting went so well we got the impression most people didn't need the meeting planned for 13 August. Also several people will be away then, some helping with the Barometer exhibition in Sydney. Please let us know by return if you have a problem about us cancelling the 13 August meeting.

Meeting at Strathnairn 15th July 2011- Nancy Tingey

Works for Barometer Gallery Sydney.

Meeting at Strathnairn 15th July 2011- Barbara Jackson

Works for Barometer Gallery Sydney.

Meeting at Strathnairn 15th July 2011- Gabriella Hegyes

Works for Barometer Gallery Sydney.