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Gabriella Hegyes

Gabriella Hegyes, Covert 2015-16 The Promise 2015

Text on tulle
‘There is a lesson in each flower, A story in each stream and bower, In every herb on which you tread Are written words, which rightly read Will lead you from earth’s fragrant sod, To hope, to holiness, and God.’

Poem by Thomas Osborne Davis
Gabriella Hegyes, Covet 2015-16 The Promise 2015
Scroll H:30cm x W: 30cm X D:30cm on a plinth – length variable
Materials: Tulle, fabric, thread

The promise
Religion has played a major aspect in my life through my grandmother’s catholic
beliefs. As I was brought up by her I envied her belief - to me the religious text
became a jumble of words coiled up in an unintelligible way and apart from my
excitement about nature I never made the connection with her beliefs.

Gabriella Hegyes, TCovet 2015-16 he Promise 2015

The Flowers and Fruits of the Bible
Publishers: Webb &Bower UK 1982
John Chancellor
Illustrated by William Mc Cheane
ISBN 0-906671-53-1

Covet 1 Catalouge