Tuesday, April 21, 2015



verb: covet; 3rd person present: covets; past tense: coveted; past participle: coveted; gerund or present participle: coveting

yearn to possess (something, especially something belonging to another).

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Open Studio - Katherine White

 Katherine White
Open Studio
Katherine White, Grey Rocks sketch, 2015
Katherine White, Guerilla Bay Sketch, 2015
Katherine White, Guerilla Bay Island and Cliff sketches, 2015
Katherine White will be opening her studio as part of Open Studio Eurobodalla on 
Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 May 2015, 11am to 4pm. All are welcome to view recent drawings 
and other art works inspired by local cliffs, islands and beaches.
whitekatherine1 (at) gmail.com

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jenny Manning - Vessel

An exhibition at Form Gallery, Queanbeyan
19 April – 11 May 2016

Artist’s Statement
The main themes and subject matter of this exhibition focus upon the container or vessel and their relevance to human culture. Through a variety of processes from drawing and painting to coiling and ceramic decoration, I have created works that use pattern and form to reference the decorative aesthetic of Islamic, Mayan, Jomon or Navaho cultures. 

The symmetry and colour of the patterns in the drawings, baskets and ceramics are dictated by both the circularity of the form and the slow decorative process whether it be in pen and ink, pencil, coloured yarn or underglaze. 

Creating the baskets is a process that is both meditative and satisfying. It is slow and repetitive, with each wrapped stitch gradually building the pattern. The colour changes happen progressively and the form appears over months of time. Sometimes the pattern evolves from the coiling, spiralling process of wrapping plastic tubing with coloured yarn, but sometimes the pattern follows a predetermined design. 

Form Studio and Gallery 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sharon Peoples

Sharon Peoples, Covet Shawl sketches, 2015

Sharon Peoples, Covet Shawl sketches, 2015

Over Easter I thought a lot about covet, particularly one night while I laid wide awake. I was thinking about things that I had coveted and had 'stolen' from family members. Usually this means borrowing with the intention of never giving back. I remembered I had a shawl that belonged to my sister, Elizabeth. She died of mesothelioma about seven or eight years ago.

I loved this exotic shawl, made of brown net and had very thin metal pieces bent around the fibres, almost like very fat staples. I don't remember the actual point of me stealing it, but I know I took it. 

I used the shawl in a class on the politics of dress. Students had to write what is called a 'significance report'. Each object in a museum needs to have one of these for each object. Students as part of their internships often have to write these as there is generally  a backlog as you can imagine. I brought in this shawl in for learning how to write these reports, using it for learning how to describe clothing and textiles in detail. By sheer co-incidence one student in the class had just seen a similar shawl that the NGA had purchased. It was a 1920s shawl made in Egypt. Subsequently some say they were made for the tourist trade, others say it was for women who had ravelled to Mecca.

The netting is a similar pattern to the way I machine embroider the lace I make. I have been making textiles with metal threads. I spent the Easter bringing the idea of the stolen textile, with work I have been trying to make about my sister's death. I'm not sure quite where this is going but it is a start. It was good to be doing sketches and not have access to a sewing machine. Just forcing myself to keep drawing and painting. Today I will start on the machine.

Sharon Peoples, Covet Shawl sketches, 2015

Sharon Peoples, Covet Shawl sketches, 2015
Sharon Peoples, Covet Shawl sketches, 2015