Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jenny Manning - Vessel

An exhibition at Form Gallery, Queanbeyan
19 April – 11 May 2016

Artist’s Statement
The main themes and subject matter of this exhibition focus upon the container or vessel and their relevance to human culture. Through a variety of processes from drawing and painting to coiling and ceramic decoration, I have created works that use pattern and form to reference the decorative aesthetic of Islamic, Mayan, Jomon or Navaho cultures. 

The symmetry and colour of the patterns in the drawings, baskets and ceramics are dictated by both the circularity of the form and the slow decorative process whether it be in pen and ink, pencil, coloured yarn or underglaze. 

Creating the baskets is a process that is both meditative and satisfying. It is slow and repetitive, with each wrapped stitch gradually building the pattern. The colour changes happen progressively and the form appears over months of time. Sometimes the pattern evolves from the coiling, spiralling process of wrapping plastic tubing with coloured yarn, but sometimes the pattern follows a predetermined design. 

Form Studio and Gallery 

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