Deborah Faeyrglenn

I grew up in a farming community in rural NSW watching rain patterns in dust, mending socks and jumper elbows, constructing cardboard-mud communities, creating clothes for my sister’s dolls, tracing leaf shadows on my skin and sewing seams by hand. I would steal time from chores to read, draw, stitch and imagine going ‘outside the lines’. As a teenager, my mind was captivated by one of Rothko’s orange squares that floated like light on a linen canvas.

In my arts practice I toggle between 2D works and 3D installations trying to create works that evoke a felt immersive experience around the idea that we humans are inseparably entwined with nature. I search for and read scientific and psychology articles about the connection between nature and humans, incorporating text fragments from that research in my work. Using graphite, ink, computer print, wax and thread I draw, write, stitch on recycled fabric fragments that I then stitch together to form larger 3D shapes that hang, stand, cover the ground or come out from the wall.

Art Education
1997-1999     Bachelor of Arts (Visual – Painting), ANU, ACT.
1989-1990     Associate Diploma Art & Design, BoxHill TAFE, Vic. 

2017   Trees – As Above, So Below, outdoor textile installation in Australian National Botanical Gardenswith 13 other artists from NetworksAustralia. 

2015    Lost and Found – Forest Installation, (textile installation) with Cheryl Jobsz, Belconnen Arts Centre, ACT. 

2011    Skin, (textile sculpture and drawing) with Kelly de Olivera, Cheryl Jobsz, Lizz Murphy; ANCA, ACT.

2009     Shrines and Shrouds, (textile sculpture) with Cheryl Jobsz, ANCA, ACT
and ADFA Library, Duntroon, ACT. 

2008    Weerewa Works on Paper, (painting and photography), Bungendore Wood Gallery, Bungendore, NSW.

2005    WaterWorks, (Signature of Water – photography and web-based digital collaboration with Stephen Cassidy) Goulburn Regional Gallery, NSW. 

2004    Conversations, web-based digital collaboration with Stephen Cassidy, Goulburn Regional Gallery, NSW.
Goulburn Art Award Exhibition, photography and painting, Goulburn Regional Gallery, NSW.

2003     House of Dreams, installation with Jenny Lawrence, Kelly de Olivera, Cheryl Jobsz, ANCA, ACT.

2002    You could Bottle It, Cross-art with writer Kathy Kituai, Weereewa Festival, Bungendore, NSW. 

2001     Emerging Artist Program, painting/digital images, Bulle gallery, Melbourne Vic.
Madonna, CCSA Foyer gallery and Spiral Arm Gallery, ACT. 

2000 In My Own Time, TXU Building, Melbourne VIC.
Earth Elements with Vladimir Bykovec, Painting, Melbourne VIC. 

 Deb Faeyrglenn 'Forest', 2015 , Belconnen Arts Centre

 Deb Faeyrglenn Natural Skin, 2014, ANCA
Deb Faeyrglenn, Underground Conversations, 2017  detail, ANBG Exhibition

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