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Port Kembla Workshops

LIZ JENEID - February 16/17, 2013 Book workshop - A Journey

Make a book that will be a record of a journey you have taken by using the simple concertina form, using techniques such as stitching, collage, transfer prints, drawings & watercolour. Additions to the book form will make it a unique artist’s book. Ways of introducing text will be explored.

Liz Jeneid trained as a weaver at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina, USA, in the early 1970’s where she worked with many well-known textile artists. After returning to Australia in 1977, she set up a co-operative weaving studio in Sydney where she trained apprentices with assistance from the Australia Council Apprenticeship Scheme. 

She taught drawing, textile arts and book arts in the Faculty of Creative Arts University of Wollongong for 20 years. Liz works in a number of different media: prints, artist’s books, textile and installation works.

She has had residencies in Paris, Greece, Vermont USA, Costa Rica, NERAM NSW. and on ships travelling to the polar regions.

Her works have been shown in many venues including galleries in Australia, Japan, Poland, the USA, Spain, Sweden, Mexico and held in numerous collections in Australia and overseas, both public and private.
Times: 10am - 4pm each day
Cost: $190.00 plus a small material charge
tea & coffee will be supplied, participants are asked to bring lunch to share.

Liz Jeneid

LIZ JENEID - NOVEMBER 1 & 2, 2013 
Dyeing paper using plant materials + a book
Paper will be be dyed using a variety of plant based dyes. We will then change the surface of the paper, using the marks made during the dye process to guide the stitching, cutting or embossing of the pages.

A book will be made using the simple concertina form with added pages or small objects stitched into the folds.

It will be a weekend of exploring possibilities using simple materials & techniques that you can use at home.
Times: 10am - 4pm each day 

 Cost: $190.00 plus a small material charge
 tea & coffee will be supplied,
participants are asked to bring lunch to share.

Express your ideas by working with natural and made materials
Express your ideas by working with natural and made materials to create wonderful 2D and 3D structures/collages. Explore the possibilities of various materials and how to shape, bind, glue, stitch, solder or wire them together. Inspirations are drawn from art works, nature, the built environment, history and memory.

Gabriella Hegyes was born in Hungary in 1954 and settled in Australia in 1977. She studied fine arts at Wollongong, the National Art School, University of Western Sydney and Monash University. Gabriella has participated in numerous solo and selected group exhibitions around Australia, Japan and Mexico. She has curated several exhibitions and developed and coordinated a number of community public art projects. Her 21 years of teaching experience include fine art and design at tertiary level as well as workshops for communities, regional galleries and schools.

Trained in sculpture, photography and print making she moved to installation based work where all these skills could be employed. She combines conventional forms of sculpture, printmaking and traditional crafts with computer manipulated images to create installations.

Her work is inspired by memory/place/identity

Gabriella Hegyes, Land Print 2     2012

Image : 
Gabriella Hegyes 
Land Print 2     2012
Etching paper dyed with collected vegetation and soil from various sites 
Each H: 56 x W: 17 x D: 12cm
Times: 10am - 4pm each day
Cost: $190.00 plus a material charge –
tea & coffee will be supplied, participants are asked to bring lunch to share.

Classes are small (8-10) so that places fill quickly. A place can be secured by sending a cheque made out to Elizabeth Jeneid for $20. Deposits will be refunded only up to two weeks before the course. Please indicate which course you would like to do.... a material list will be sent nearer to the time of the course. 

Liz Jeneid, 29-33 Stones Rd., Mt Kembla NSW 2526

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