Thursday, June 4, 2015

Janet Meaney

Janet Meaney
Rocks in Her Head 2015
Photographer: Brenton McGeachie

Performance for camera.
In it I  demonstrate the typical refrain heard in response to behaviour of difference - she's got rocks in her head/ she is mad.
Interestingly, on a recent visit to India, I learned that this same refrain is used in reference to the village gossip. Maybe  they are saying that the weight of all that knowledge makes one mad.

Janet Meaney and Zoya Siddiqui
Halo 2015
Colombo, Sri Lanka

A performance in collaboration with Pakistani artist Zoya Siddiqui for Theertha Performance Art Platform Colombo Sri Lanka March 2015. Highlighting the visibility of women.

Janet Meaney
How Now Brown Cow 2015
Performance on Shanthiroad in Bangalore India April 2015

Wearing a thin red leather hide I approached a cow as she grazed on the rubbish. Initially, she sniffed  the hide (in recognition?) and then mouthed it but then moved away and even from a distance she kept her eye on me.As planned, the work drew attention to the situation of the cow and the title asked the question What next? opening further debate about the origin of the status of the cow as sacred and the right to kill  the cow and eat meat in the face of the Government's latestl ban on the eating of meat. The local residents were also hoping that  a focus on the rubbish would be noted in the press and a remedy sought

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