Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beverly Moxon

Beverly Moxon spent her childhood playing in the woods and creeks surrounding her home in North Carolina. As a mature age student she studied visual arts, specialising in Textiles at the Australian National University. Beverly is currently completing a Master of Visual Arts through the Charles Sturt University at Wagga Wagga.

She has participated in group exhibitions and recently had her first solo exhibition at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery. Although trained in textiles, Beverly has moved further into sculptural installations, often using basketry techniques and working with natural fibres. 

Her work is influenced by environmental concerns and nostalgic memory.

‘Root Series 2’ 2010
Medium: Roots, natural fibres, pods, waxed threads
Size: Overall size variable

Artist statement:
Roots collected from my garden are recent mementos of a new and unfamiliar landscape. Wrapped and bound with waxed threads and grasses, the roots suggest the importance of healing and caring for the environment. On a personal level the work reflects on the significance of establishing roots in a new location as well as acknowledging the landscapes of my past. 

Putting down roots in a new place is often difficult and fears of rejection can inhibit one’s attempt to resettle. Dislocation experienced in a foreign landscape is represented in the twined and knotted roots, incongruous in a gallery setting. We see the unseen, an underground network of roots where each fibre is connected in perfect symmetry to the central root. At the same time as the plant’s roots form a network in order to survive, our social networks within the community are important to our sense of self.

Photographer Beverly Moxon

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