Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wendy Dodd

Wendy Dodd is a graduate of Australian National University Art School and worked for 22 years as a textile conservator at the Australian War Memorial. Although a weaver much of her work has not been woven but instead has been an exploration of layers of threads,- the shadows and illusions they create.

‘2010 Net Series’
Medium: Hand netting and knitting
Size: Each 42 x 42 cm

The NETS project has been an interesting journey for me. I learnt to net 35 years ago when I wanted to make a storage net to use while traveling in our panel van. For this project I have made a series of
layered square nets which I see as drawings. The qualities of the yarn dictate the nature of the lines of the drawings. The nets create shadows and delicate lines and by layering depth is created. Nets can be used in positive and negative ways. But to me there is an essential beauty in the structure and form of these nets. The actions in making a net are quite repetitive and there is something comfortable and meditative in the process.
I have always been fit and active but now find that my older body has restrictions. The final piece in my series is a comment on my preoccupation with ageing. It is a hand knitted net made using my hair (grey) spun with black silk.

Net Drawing 4 – Hand knitted, my hair spun with black silk, mounted on white Perspex

 Net Drawing 1 – Hand netted, linen thread, 3 colours mounted on white Perspex
Photographer  Wendy Dodd

 Net Drawing 2 – Hand netted, natural linen thread, 3 layers mounted on black Perspex
Net Drawing 3 – Hand netted, black linen thread, 4 layers mounted on white Perspex 

Photographer Leise Knowles

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