Saturday, May 21, 2011

Helen Martin

 Photographer Stuart Hay

Helen Martin is a graduate of the ANU School of Art. Her work has been exhibited widely
in Australia and also in Austria, Germany and China.
While her art school training was in ceramics, she is also a skilled textile maker, specialising in knitting and crochet. These skills have now fused and a new method of making created.

Helen’s work is inspired by memory. With a focus on objects that act as memory triggers, she makes containers, or safe repositories, for precious memories.

‘Sift’ 2010
Medium: Ceramic: glazed knitting
Size: Overall size variable, each approx. 18 x 18 x 6cm

Artist statement:
My net bowls are filters that can capture and preserve precious snippets of memory – not lots of detail, but more a warm feeling that links our past and present.

Background to the work:
Memory is personal and unique to each of us. It is our own interpretation and recollection, a sensation so fleeting that sometimes we cannot find words to name it - a vague feeling, a trace of something we know but cannot touch, hidden under semi-transparent layers, distorted.

Photographer Leise Knowles

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