Saturday, May 21, 2011

Liz Jeneid

Liz Jeneid initially trained as a weaver in the USA returning to Australia in 1977 when she set up a weaving workshop in Sydney She trained apprentice weavers and ran the workshop for 5 years. She supported the workshop and herself through sales and by part time teaching and working as a community artist. She later moved to Wollongong where she taught at the University of Wollongong for 20years in the Faculty of Creative Arts.

Travel has been an important part of her life and a lot of her work has come from observing and documenting place which she uses in her prints, artist books and installations. Her works are in a number of collections both in Australia and overseas.

‘Diet Spoons’
Medium: wire, linen thread, drift wood, metal hooks
Size: size variable – 4 spoons of different sizes
Height: 35cm x 35 cm

Background to the work:
The spoons seemed to me to be an excellent way of solving the problem of eating too much - like most women I always wanted to be more sylph like.

Artist statement about the work:
The spoons remind us of the lack of food that many people today experience, not enough food to nourish them in periods of famine caused by war, drought and floods, in stark contrast with those of us who live in countries that are not experiencing war or famine, and where consumption of good food is taken for granted.

 Photographer Leise Knowles
Liz Jeneid

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